Objects and gifts from the Vitra Gift Finder website. There is a wooden bird in the middle, surrounded by a cork stool, an elephant, sculptures, a clock and a small table.
Gift Finder



Gift Finder

Vitra Gift Finder

Vitra trusted us to design and develop an innovative solution for finding and sharing gift ideas. We’re proud to present the Gift Finder — a playful and interactive tool that allows you to explore the vast selection of Vitra's iconic accessories. The Gift Finder asks the right questions and guides you towards the most suitable options. Embark on an effortless journey to find the ideal present for your loved ones.


    • UX & UI design


    • Wireframing & prototyping
    • Front-end development
    • Scalable Solutions
    • Headless architecture
    • UI & UX development
Overview of desktop and mobile filter pages of Vitra Gift Finder.

Sort by iconic

Explore all the classic and modern Vitra accessories and find the perfect gift based on interest, colour, or price.

A circular grid with objects from the Vitra Gift Finder.
mobile view of the grid

The grid

To have full control and flexibility over a large number of products, we crafted a grid system that allows for seamless customization – from fine-tuning the positioning and scaling of every element and all the way to the fluid animations.

Product Display Page

For a completely fluid experience, we made it easy to navigate through the tags, swap products and view more product images.

mobile view of Eames House Bird
Mobile view of Rotary Tray


We’ve also developed a nifty wishlist feature to help you bookmark your favourite gifts & come back to them anytime.

Shareable wishlist

Thanks to the built-in wishlist feature, you can bookmark your favourite items, share them with a friend and easily return to them later, as you discover and explore the world of Vitra's iconic accessories.

Vitra bird

Technology we used to build

Vitra’s dynamic Gift Finder is powered by Next.js, enhanced by Framer Motion and @use-gestures/react for animations and interactions, all managed by Storyblok as our Headless CMS.


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