Office chair finder

Vitra office chair finder

We were assigned by Vitra to design the perfect office chair finder from the ground up. Our office chair finder is a digital tool, that plays the role of an intelligent Vitra store assistant who's able to ask you the right questions in order to help you find the perfect office chair. Go and find yours.


    • UX Design
    • UI Design
    • Accessibility
    • User Research
    • Motion Design
    • Sound Design


    • Front-end Development
    • AR
    • Scalable Solution
    • Fully Curatable Decision Tree
Page overview of the project

A digital assistant

Vitra commissioned us to translate the store experience to a tool, which can be used anywhere.

Compare & AR

Once you have found your perfect office chair you can compare it with others and view it in your space with AR.

Screen capture of compare page
Close up of Vitra Physix chair
.04 Chair photo
Screen capture of AR tool
Photograph of Vitra physic
The chair finder grid and it's underlying structure
Screenshot showing the chair grid in action

The grid

We came up with a grid system which reflects the chairs match percentage in position and size.

Already found something you like?

By using the finder in its reverse mode, the tool gives you a unique perspective if a chair you already liked is a perfect fit for your needs.

image showing a hangtag on a chair
Screenshot showing chair finder in reverse mode
Detail photo of white Vitra physix chair
Mockup showing Vitra Chairfinder detail page on Macbook
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