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We've worked closely with Rocycle to redefine their brand identity on & offline with a new design language applied to their website, mobile app, socials & print communications. Our approach blended energy with emotion – by using animations, variable typography & flowing gradients, we built an aesthetic in perpetual motion.


    • Market analysis
    • Data analysis
    • Brand positioning


    • Art direction
    • Brand design
    • UX & UI design
    • Digital design system
    • Brand guidelines
    • Content production
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Rocycle moves you

Rocycle is as much about movement as it is about mindfulness. We capture this aspect by playing with calm & dynamism within the refreshed brand identity, website, mobile app and other touchpoints.

Rocycle Toolbox
Rocycle toolbox approach

A toolbox approach

Adopting a toolbox approach, we created a modular system containing versatile elements – from a wide range of colours to a diverse set of typography. This empowers Rocycle to continuously adapt and evolve, while staying true to their brand's essence.

Moving identity elements

We combine variable typography and animated gradients to play with calm and vibrant motion, mirroring the moments during and after a Rocycle class.

Rocycle grid screens
Rocycle background
Rocycle design-system

Flexible design system

An extensive component library crafted by our design team allows the Rocycle team to quickly build new pages and adapt to new markets.

Rocycle studio

An ongoing partnership

Beyond the website, our collaboration with Rocycle continues: we've extended our design and development expertise to campaigns, crafting eye-catching posters, engaging social posts, and other brand initiatives. It's a partnership that keeps on moving, much like the brand itself.

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