Powerhouse floating office in Rotterdam

Powerhouse Company


Giving meaning to space

Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company is an award-winning architecture and design firm with studios in Rotterdam, Oslo, Munich, and Beijing. We helped them to define their strategic brand positioning, followed by a complete rebranding.


    • Market research
    • Desk research
    • Brand positioning
    • Stakeholder interviews
    • Platform strategy


    • Art direction
    • Brand direction
    • UX & UI design
    • Digital design system


    • Wireframing & prototyping
    • In-house full-stack development

Giving meaning to space

Through an extensive strategy phase, we developed their strategic brand positioning. This included their brand claim 'We give meaning to space', which became leading for their brand identity and platform.

Meaningful navigation

We wanted the platform to be a clear reference to their brand claim. By turning it into the main navigation, we gave it a relevant meaning in itself.


One powerful visual language

We developed guidelines for all visual content around Powerhouse. Allowing their teams to cultivate one coherent and recognizable brand. From team and material photography, to social formats and e-mail templates.

Editorial Layout

A lot of thinking goes into every design, therefore we created intuitive ways of incorporating their in-depth expertise on the project pages which also emphasizes the human touch behind their work.


A true powerhouse

Powerhouse Company is more than its founding partners, that's why every employee is presented on the platform and speaks about her/his contribution to the projects.


Technology we used to build

Powerhouse Company thrives on React.js for dynamic interfaces, Docker for seamless deployment, Mailchimp for effective email marketing, and Prismic for flexible content management.

Stellar Development

Next up — Stellar development