Land of Ride
man paragliding in the desert

Land of Ride


Unfold the world of adventures

get out there

Land of Ride curates and offers unforgettable journeys for sports aficionados of all levels. By combining strategy, identity, and development we have built the brand from the ground up.


    • Market research
    • Brand positioning
    • Innovation strategy


    • Identity design
    • Platform concept
    • UX Design
    • UI Design
    • Design system


    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Content Management System

    Usability research

    • User testing
    • Tracking implementation
    • Website analytics
Land of Ride half overview
Land of Ride overview
Land of Ride
Land of Ride
Land of Ride
Land of Ride


All content was self-shot and retouched, by doing so we extent the momentum of each experience allowing everyone to relive the moment through high-quality content.

Land of Ride


In order to give all participants the best trip, we take away all worry about finding the right gear. We curate the best gear for each trip.

Girl kicking a football and wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya
Girl kicking a football wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya

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