Foam Talent 2020

Foam Talent 2020


An exhibition without walls

Foam Talent Digital exhibition 2020

Foam Talent Digital 2020 is a multimedia platform showcasing artist projects supported by audio, video, and motion. Straying away from typical virtual reality or installation views, the exhibition is a fresh adaptation to digital experiences in the museum sector.


    • Art direction
    • UI & UX design
    • Digital design system
    • Multi-sensory design


    • Wireframing & prototyping
    • Front-end development
foam talent 2020 exhibition space
Foam 2020 exhibition

An exhibition without walls

Foam presents an online exhibition celebrating the works of young artists shaping the future of photography. Foam Talent is also an annual magazine, which we used as our starting point for the experience.
foam talent 2020 cover

Foam Talent is mostly known as a magazine

We used the TALENT magazine as one of the main inspiration for the layouts of the exhibition.

foam talent 2020 Mirjam - RedLotus_15_Red Lotus_dark
foam talent 2020 cover
foam talent 2020 Alba Zari
foam talent 2020 cover
foam talent 2020 Micha
foam talent 2020 cover

Each layout & image-reveal animation are unique

We've worked on the design and motion in close collaboration with the Foam team & the artists themselves to ensure the results were in line with their work and expectations.
Foam talent 2020 covers

Bring emotion to the browsing experience

We embraced randomness in order to foster discovery. Each time you open the website a different artist's work will be featured on the digital cover introductory page, allowing you to navigate from another starting point.

foam talent 2020 exhibition space 2


We minimised the interface to purely support the artworks and even disappear when necessary. We never cropped any visuals and made use of the whole width and height of the screen to do justice to the visuals.

Express different ambiences & feelings

With a limited amount of interventions in the layout, colors, animation reveals, and captions, we accommodate the atmosphere and tone of each artist's project.
Foam Talent 2020 exhibition space

Physical & digital spaces are mirroring each others.

Technology we used to build

We used React.js for dynamic interfaces, Sass for stylish designs, Contentful for flexible content management, Vercel for seamless hosting, and React Spring for smooth animations.

Girl kicking a football and wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya
Girl kicking a football wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya

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