Girl kicking a football and wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya
Girl kicking a football wearing vibrant sportswear in Kenya



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The Unbeatable Spirit

KLABU is uniquely positioned as both a non-profit organization and a social enterprise. They build sports clubs in refugee camps and create sportswear to raise funds. We elevated their existing brand positioning and identity to create a new platform that truly expresses KLABU’s “Unbeatable Spirit”.


    • Market research
    • Brand positioning
    • Stakeholder interviews


    • Art direction
    • Brand design
    • UX & UI design
    • Digital design system
    • Content production


    • Wireframing & prototyping
    • In-house full-stack development
    • Headless architecture
    • UI & UX development
Man wearing KLABU sportswear

Elevated brand identity

Since KLABU's mission is rooted in the universality of sport and its power for positive change, we elevated KLABU's existing brand identity to bring a greater sense of energy and an uplifting spirit to the brand.
Set of KLABU clubhouse sports badges

Tactile design language

The platform brings together various design elements inspired by KLABU's physical sportswear, like its emblematic team badges which are rich in symbolism.

Overview of the KLABU platform

Expressing the unbeatable spirit

Central to the platform is the narrative of resilience and strength; KLABU’s Unbeatable Spirit. These powerful narratives are given a prominent place on the platform, and can 'literally' be heard with sound bites. By doing so, we forge a deeper connection between customers and the significant impact of support.
Screens from the KLABU platform demonstrating storytelling
Man wearing colourful KLABU sportswear in Amsterdam
Vibrant product photography for KLABU directed by Build in Amsterdam
Illustration of KLABU clubhouse by Stefan Glerum

Vibrant illustration

We worked with Stefan Glerum to illustrate KLABU's clubhouse model, capturing the energy and vibrance of the clubhouses.

Child in Bangladesh playing basketball by a mobile sports library

Technology we used to build

We used Shopify for e-commerce, Storyblok as our headless CMS, and Next.js for the front-end, delivering a scalable, editorial-driven shopping experience.


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