Foam Talent 2021

Foam Talent 2021


A digital exhibition celebrating emotional browsing

Foam Talent 2021 Digital Exhibition

Following the award-winning first edition of Foam Talent 2020, we created a brand new online exhibition that showcases the work of 20 artists, selected through the annual Foam Talent Call.


    • Art direction
    • UI & UX design
    • Digital design system
    • Multi-sensory design


    • Wireframing & prototyping
    • Front-end development
    • UI & UX development
Foam Talent 2021 cover

A curatorial process

On Foam Talent, content is the main eye-catcher, therefore we minimised the interface to purely support the artworks and even let it disappear when necessary. We never cropped any visuals and we made use of the whole width and height of the screen to let the visuals speak.
Foam Talent overview
Foam Talent UI mobile
Foam Talent 2021
Foam Talent 2021
Foam Talent 2021
Foam Talent 2021
Foam Talent UI
Foam Talent UI mobile

Suggestive presence

Live interactions & visitor counters are inspired by how people behave in art spaces, they can be drawn to busier areas because of curiosity. We added the possibility to react with emojis chosen by the artists themselves.

The online exhibition was showcased at the physical Foam Museum in Amsterdam in a vertical format on the wall.

Foam Talent 2021
Coquille Chair - Solo - Powerhouse Company x Lensvelt

Next up — Coquille Chair