Fly illustration
Fly Illustration

Flying Papers


Enjoy your flight

Flying Papers

Flying Papers assigned us to revamp their brand from the ground up. We started with defining their proposition around Flying Papers being the representative of a diverse, vivid, and global community, bonded by their interest in cannabis. This led to Flying Papers being a ticket for the curious.


    • Market research
    • Brand positioning
    • Copywriting


    • Identity design
    • Platform concept
    • UX Design
    • UI Design
    • Design system
    • Motion design


    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Content Management System
UI overview
UI Overview

Enjoy your flight

Whatever’s your reason for lighting up, wherever you're gonna roll, Flying Papers is your ticket to get there. Enjoy your flight.

Fly Chilling
Fly Chilling

Meet Fly

We created Flying Papers’ very own mascot called Fly. A curious lighthearted explorer who represents the brand.

Fly in different scenarios
Fly in different scenarios

Where are you heading?

Without being overly explicit, we designed various lighthearted scenarios to inspire people to start rolling with Flying Papers.


Fly's Friends

We gave each product a character of its own. This adds another layer to the brand and allows Fly to never walk alone.

3D products

The entire product catalogue has been recreated in 3D in great detail, this allows visitors to play around with the packaging on the website.

Mollie case header

Next up — Mollie